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    Can't select text box - it is behind a field


      A pdf I'm trying to fill out has fields on it that are kinda broken.  The author created them too tall and when you type the text actually covers the label above it.  Since I coudn't figure out how to change the font or size of the field, I got fancy and created a text box - that way I could size it as needed and put it in the area of the field.  Works great - looks like I just typed in the field.  However, now I can't select the text box and move it because it acts like it is behind the field or something.  In  other words, when I mouse-over the text box, the field takes over and that is what becomes active.  Arghhh!  Is there any way to send the field to the back or select the next object etc?  Is there a menu function to select my text box?


      Easy to reproduce:  create a form with fields;  add a text box and move it "over" a field;  click somewhere else; go try to select the text box;  game over