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    Play movie from Premiere on PC to 1080p HDTV

    k9tag Level 1

      I am creating a short "film" that I wish to play straight out of my computer via the hdmi port to a 1080p monitor.  How can I do this while maintaining good quality?  I did a test, creating a few 1920 x 1080 psds with some text, etc., music underneath, and used premiere pro cs4 &media encoder to create an AVI file.  The avi file looks terrible of course when played on the TV - text is blurry - basically the same as when I used to work with CRT TVs & premiere 6.  Plus, all of the premiere pro menus,etc., are on the screen which i don't want.


      Is there a way to play straight from premiere or encore to a 1080p monitor without seeing any premiere palettes or any other windows on the screen - just the movie playing?  With great quality / crisp text? Opsys = windows XP sp3.


      The reason I want to go straight to the monitor is I don't have a blu ray drive or the knowledge of how to properly encode one yet.


      Any suggestions appreciated.