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    Fighting w/ function alignment...(Google Wave invite to those who help.)Hellothere....


      Hello there all!!  To make this fun and hopefully get this solved as speedy as possible...I am totally serious...I will hook you up with a Google Wave invite if you would like one.  I am on Wave, IT ROCKS, and I have a few invites left to hand out.


      My problem can be seen live at http://www.planetemerson.com/index-flash.html under the MY LINKS TAB.


      As you will see the visible icons are way out of alignment with their click and rollover actions.  The click and rollover actions seem to take place way down and to the right of the visible icons.


      Funny thing is...when you grab your browser window and shrink down until the background dark rectangle fills the browser window space and then you click on any one of the icons....all functions WORK PERFECTLY.  Weird!! 


      I am a flash newbie and a solution has escaped me for the better part of a week on this.  Please, please, please...any help solving this would be so crazy appreciated...and also met with a Google Wave invite if so desired.  ;-)

      Take care.