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    osmf sample with flex builder-design puzzle


      Good Day,everyone!

      My puzzle:


      I'm going to modify the design stytle of the OSMF example code with the flex builder 3,

      but the former design frame cann't be viewed with the "design" tools. The warning indicates that

      "Design mode:cann't load MediaPlayer.swc(reason:Error:Load Verify).It may require classes(such as Adobe AIR components)that are not supported by design mode."


      I have checked everyting I can, and attampted so many ways,but it doesn't work.



      I am using the osmf_source_6.

      My Flex Builder version is the latest, and the sdk is 3.4.

      When I imported  the project, I have recompiled the MediaFramework and MediaPlayer project. Meantime, I added the new .swc file in the BuildPath. Is everything all right?


      Expecting for your suggestion!


      Thanks a lot!

      Good Luck!