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    is there a way to save?


      using actionscript 2, and perhaps some XML or whatever, is there a simple way to save selections or text entered by a client?


      I would hate to have to learn 2000 pages of another language or default to a "megaman" encryption technique (example:


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          save text to where?  server-side?  client-side?  does encryption have any role in this?

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            shintashi Level 1

            it's a learning game so I suppose clients would want to be able to save their progress, as part of progress includes keeping track of what kinds of vocabulary has been learned. If I push the progress to a more linear fashion, rather than "sandbox" I don't need much more than a simple encryption. Of course, since the goal is to "learn at your own pace" players may get very irritated with a linear progression, at which point I would have to be able to save a sufficient amount of data to give each client the impression of uniqueness. I thought mixing a User Name with a scrambler and their current progress would work, (i.e., the numeric values of the letters of the user name modify the Cypher, while the cypher is based on alpha-numerical representations of the various progress points of achievement);


            however I recently concluded 5-12 characters for a cypher-password would be insufficient to accurately track recognition of proficiency with 1000+ variables. While capable of tracking 1000+ variables, since each term (such as "買う増す" for "buy" or "緑" for "green") had a level of proficiency, I concluded recently, SAVE would work best with something either client side, or host side. Of course, I know next to nothing about this and the last experience I had with it was using common gateway interface to create application forms, which were then forwarded to my email - back in 1996.