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    Media files suddenly offline - Pro CS3


      I was hoping someone would be able to help my figure out what went wrong and how to fix it.


      Here's the problem:

      Yesterday when I saved my project, everything was fine. This evening when I loaded the project, several, in fact most, of the video files are offline.

      I have not moved or deleted anything on the harddrive.

      Premiere does not ask me to locate the files upon loading the project.

      In the Project window, all the clips play fine in preview and will display in the source monitor.

      The videos on the Timeline do show thumbnail images of the clip.

      The videos nevertheless show up as offline in the Timeline and will export only as the default offline image.

      I have an automatic save of the same project in which everything is fine, but about an hour of work will be lost if I have to resort to that.


      Any ideas?


      Edit: One thing I did change since I saved my project. I uninstalled divx 7 and installed an older version, 6.8, because the newer version was affecting certain programs negatively. I'm not sure if that's relevant, but in the interest of providing as much data as possible, I thought I should mention it.