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    FB noob preload question

    Laurence Schuberth Level 1

      Hi All,

      now before I start let me say I'm lucky to be even able to type my own name, so my quest of learning code in FB/Flex has heartache written all over it, but I'm pressing on.

      FC is a fantastic tool and i've already built some great stuff ( subjective ) but now tweeking in FB is the next step. My first hurdle was pre loaders and thanks to some great help from lui in the FC forum and this tute http://www.flexer.info/2008/02/07/very-first-flex-preloader-customization/ 

      I got custom loaders working.. As if to tempt fate I now wondered if rather that have a basic color that I can set in the first lines of mxml in FB, is there any way to have an image under the preloader?


      Also does this small piece of the preloader ascript code


      private function centerPreloader():void


      x = (stageWidth /2) - (wcs.width /2);

      y = (stageHeight /2) - (wcs.height /2);



      control the position and size of the loader, I have a 900x450 swf loader that for the life of me I cant get to that size in FB it is always center about 250x100 px


      Sorry for such a long winded post, any help is badly needed ( so is talent but I hear there is a plug-in coming for that )