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    My first Flash Catalyst created site up


      Hi All -


      After much toil, I have created my first website with Flash Catalyst.  There is more I would like to do with it, but I was on a deadline.  This site was for a comedy improv troupe.  The site can be viewed by going to www.theblackboxesinthecorner.com.


      I ran into a number of issues reported here on the forum:


      Frequent crashes (in fact, it crashed so often I have over 40 iterations of my project saved).


      Crashes I can handle.  My biggest gripe is that I created a number of custom components each with their own states and when I created a button that would transition to that state "on click", it wouldn't work.  This happened frequently.  So for some of the pages, I had to use only the main "states" and link to those.  Not sure why it worked sometimes and didn't others.  I'll search the forum to see if others had the same issue and post this issue separately if I cannot find anything.


      Regardless of the bugs, this is a fantastic program.  If Adobe can iron out the bugs, this will be a knockout product.  Time for me to buy some stock so that when this baby is released I can make some moolah (and then I can actually afford the product ).


      Great job thus far, Adobe!  Keep it up!  You've made me a Flash convert.


      - Michael