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    'Images' sub-folders not displaying

      After doing some tweaking to my project, all of a sudden the 'Image' sub-folders that held all of my images have disappeared.

      I had setup a custom 'Image' direcrtory structure matching the structure defined for the HTML project files, each with a sub-folder labelled 'Image'. It worked, basically, like this:

      Images (main images folder in project)
      > Reference > Images > (all images added to 'Reference' area of help)

      When I check the folder structure in Windows Explorer, the 'Reference > Image' sub-folder is still present, and all images are accounted for, but it just won't show up in the project...

      I've tried re-adding the 'Reference' folder to the main 'Images' Project folder, but Robohelp tells me, predictably, that there is already a folder named 'Reference' present...

      I'm on Robohelp X5 and I have a copy of Robohelp 7 right in front of me... I was trying to get everything cleaned up before upgrading... Any help would be appreciated!

      When I build the project, all images appear as normal... Any idea why my sub-folders disappeared, and how I may get them to display again?