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    Using Adobe Presenter or Captivate for video narration

    Shubham Agnihotri

      Case # 181254378


      Customer said "


      Using the latest version of either Adobe Presenter or Captivate on a Windows system with a web cam (or similar video capture device)
      , we’d like to add a video narration to a PowerPoint presentation that is synchronized to animation contained within the slides. Cur
      rently PowerPoint allows the addition audio narration in sync with slide animation. Adobe presenter allows for the addition of video
      narration to a static slide (in edit view). This makes it difficult or impossible to easily time video narration to match a slides
      animation. Ideally we want to record video narration with active slide animation similar to the way audio narration can be added wit
      h animation playing. This removes a lot of guesswork and complication from the production process."


      Please advice about the same wether this would do for a feature request or,


      How can we go ahead and perform this?