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    Datagrid Checkbox item renderer Issue.

    PChiranjeevi Level 1

      Hi There

      Recently I faced a  requirement to have a checkbox inside a datagrid where I need to develop a music module with playlist management for ADOBE AIR based application.

      For this I have searched and found a source to use Datagrid and Checkbox components which overrides some inbuild methods to give the required result..

      But Finally I ended with one strange issue

      When the check box is placed in the datagrid at 0 column index it works firne but if we place at any index ( I need it to be last colum ) the checkbox is not updating the display.

      Source Flex Air project attached.

      From the sample... While clicking on a row the left column checkbox is getting updated but Right remains same... when you scroll the Datagrid then the checkboxes are getting update when they are redrawn. I didn't found where to call the redraw for the right checkbox column.

      Cany any one faced this strange issue. and found any solution ?????

      If the Logic what I am following for a Playlist module is not good one then suggest if you guys know any other mechanism to develop a playlist management with datagrid and Checkboxes.


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