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    Air runtime questions


      Hi all,


      We're eyeing Air suspiciously and thinking about trying to use it for distributing various apps.

      Our main concerns are all about the runtime licence model.


      1) The Runtime distiribution licence agreement says:

      Licensee may not distribute the Adobe AIR installer or installer files for purposes of bypassing installation of the Adobe AIR Runtime, an Adobe AIR application, or the EULA.

      Does this mean if we bundled the runtime distribution installer on a CD and tried ot install it as part of our installer using the -silent install method we would actually be breaking the licence agreement?


      2)Say we install the runtime this way and then our app. A new version of air comes out, the user is then quizzed by Air whether they want to upgrade.

      There is no way to avoid this?


      3) And when if they do upgrade I've heard a lot of stories about apps suddenly becoming unuseable. Can someone confirm it doesn't just break the app beacuse it wasn't written for that version, it is simply that runtimes are not backward compatible?


      I think I know the answers to these questions but I need to ask to get total clarity as basicaly it seems ludicrous if you want Air to be taken up by the raft of developers who, like me, are desperate to walk away from mdm Zinc.