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    Director MX2004 & INM VizionDB on Windows 7

    rafa@mediatech Level 1

      Hi everyone!

      I know it is waaaayy too early to know, but are there any known incompabilites with Director MX 2004 projects created on an XP SP3 that run on Windows 7 machines? I have a client who wants to update a project I made a year ago, which includes a VizionDB PDF library, and he wants me to make sure it works on Windows 7. Well, my answer was that it just came out, and there is no way to know until we test (besides the fact the Windows 7 IS NOT listed as one of the "Playback" options on the INM website or Adobe's). I just want to ask if there are any hints on how you Gurus have approched this situation when a new OS has come out to the market.


      thank you in advance!