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    Project Closes Slowly

      Using RH6, Source Control 3:
      A previous posting about a project taking a half an hour or so to save and close for a co-worker was resolved by deleting the CPD file. But now my co-worker is starting to experience longer and longer time periods when closing the project. I work on the same project, and I don't have this problem on my PC. Can anyone explain what causes this to occur, or what she may be doing that would cause a difference in our experience? OR what she is not doing? It is frustrating for her, and I'm concerned she is using some work methods, or flow that may cause other issues later on.
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          I think if you run a compare on your two .cpd files, you'll find a marked difference. I'm pretty sure that the .cpd is a machine-dependent file (and should not be included in source control).

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            Sorry, I should have mentioned, or qualified the first posting. We are using RoboSource Control 3, but the CPD file is on our workstations, not on the RoboSource file listing. We previously deleted from my co-workers PC, and it solved the problem for about three weeks, and has been taking longer and longer to close recently. I am just trying to figure out why she is having the problem and I am not, so that we might resolve it for the long term.
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              There might be a different environment on her machine (different browser security settings, different anti-virus settings, etc.).

              She might be doing an inordinate amount of file renaming, copying/pasting, etc.

              She might be a user who tries doing multiple things at once, or works in RH too quickly (closing files immediately without saving first, etc).

              These types of scenarios would mean that she would continue the CPD-bloat she is experiencing. However, as long as this method works, don't concern yourself any further.

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