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    Flex 2 app won't load after making framework into RSL




      After reading the Runtime Shared Library chapter of a Flex 3 book, I decided to make the Flex framework an RSL, in a Flex 2 application (Link Type = RSL for all Flex libraries). After it rebuilt, a bunch of SWF files were created, as expected (charts.swf, flex.swf, framework.swf, playerglobal.swf, rpc.swf, and utilities.swf); I placed them, as well as the usual application files (Main.swf, Main.html, etc.), in my usual Web server's directory. Even though the Flex 3 book mentions an SWZ file that I didn't get (gets cached in Flash Player), I figured the SWF files would get cached in the browser.


      Unfortunately, when I access the application URL from a browser, I don't get past the usual Flex grey background...


      I'd really appreciate if someone could help me figure out what I'm doing wrong.