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    [CS4] ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable {ClassName}  is not defined


      A few days ago I decided to give Matrix3D a try, so I changed my publish setting to target flash player 10, and just to be safe, I hit the test movie magic combo (ctrl-enter) and got the dreaded Error #1065 all over the screen, so, ok, I thought I'll pass on Matrix3D for now, flipped the publish setting back to flash player 9 and I was a happy camper again.


      Just now, publishing for flash player 9 fails with the same result. This happens _right after_ a successful build, I moved a few movie clips around on the stage, re-test, and got myself an Error #1065 wall of text in the output window.


      Funny fact: this only happens with "test movie" (ctrl-enter). If I "debug" (ctrl-shift-enter) the movie, it compiles and runs just fine with no problem whatsoever.


      All the class has been tested to work just before the incident.


      Has anyone got this problem before?