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    Returning the operation name from a WebService in Flex


      I am creating a web service in my app using the mx:WebService tag like so:




      <mx:WebService id="mobileWs" wsdl= showBusyCursor="true" fault="onFault(event)" result="onResult(event)" >



      <mx:operation id="getPhoneCat" name="GetPhoneCategory">





      <mx:operation id="getPhoneName" name="GetPhoneName">










      And calling it in ActionScript like so:




      To avoid having to create sepereate result handlers for each individual operation defined in the web service, i'd like to write logic that does different things within a single result handler based on which operation was called (ie. GetPhoneCategory vs. GetPhoneName). I have yet to find a property or method that returns the name of the specific operation that was invoked through the service. Does anyone know how to do this, or where I would start? I thought I had accomplished this by tracking ResultEvent.target.service, but this only returns the name of the WSDL itself.


      Any help would be appreciated.