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    Export data to CSV



      I am trying to export some data into a CSV file format.
      Im using Flex 2 as a front end. Here the user chooses the component whose data is to be exported and then clicks on the Export button.
      Im using Struts framework where i get this request, access all the necessary parameters(through an action class) and then in an EJB class i gather the necessary data from the Database using HQL. Once i gather the data successfully i send it to a jsp file where i convert if to CSV format and then make this data available as a downloadable file to the user.


      The problem that i'm facing is that, when i access the action class through the url i get the download file pop-up. But when i open the flex application, and click the button there is no response. There is no error/exception either since it woult have been caught in the fault handler.  What am i missing?