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    Can I delay visibility of movie clips with a button?

    Andymc7 Level 1

      I'm attempting to make a "Wheel of Fortune" style game. Everything's going great except this one nagging problem...


      On the main game board screen (where the word puzzle is solved), I have placed small buttons with all the letters of the alphabet. When the player clicks a certain letter button, the corresponding letters, (if the word or phrase contains them) appear on the board. Well, this works just fine, but as of now, when a letter is chosen, all letters on the board appear at once. Of course, in the real "Wheel of Fortune" game, if the word or phrase contains 2 or more letters that have been chosen, the letters appear on the board in a sequence, probably around 2 seconds apart (I'm sure most people are familiar with the game show). So, basically, I would love to know how to delay my letter MC's appearing, when the corresponding letter button has been clicked. Hope this makes a little sense .


      Thanks for any reply