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    TIFF to PDF/A


      Using Adobe Livecycle CS PDF Generator, how can I convert TIFF (source is Xerox printer) to PDF/A. I am able to convert TIFF to PDF, and TXT or DOC etc to PDF/A, but TIFF to PDF/A doens't seem to work.


      Apparently I don't know which options to choose.


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          Could you tell me how you invoke the process? I am able to convert a tif file into pdf/a on my server. Remember to set the Adobe PDF Settings to PDFA1b 2005 RGB.

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            svenmartin Level 1

            I have tried various file type settings, also the one you mention. I use watched folders and when I put a TIFF file in the input folder I get a PDF file in the output folder. So far so good. However, when I open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader it doesn't specifically say at the top it is a PDF/A file. With the notepad files converted to PDF it specifically displays it is a PDF/A document at the top. The converted TIFF files are searchable but how can I be sure they are PDF/A?

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              dawittwe Level 1

              Do you see the same result if you use the Create PDF from Admin UI ad select pdfa 2005 rgb? There are two ways to be sure the file is pdf/a compliant. One way is to use Acrobat, and the blue bar as shown. You can then also verify the compliancy. If the blue bar is not present, then the file is not pdf/a compliant.


              The other way is to create a process with the DocConverter validation service. This service will tell you if the pdf is compliant or not. This service may state that the file is compliant even if Acrobat Preflight complains about something. This is because of differences between Livecycle and Acrobat. However, the file will still be truly compliant.


              One more thing, did you try with just one tif file, or several different ones?

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                svenmartin Level 1

                When I use the "create PDF" from Admin UI I see the same result. A simple txt file is converted to PDF/A - I can see the blue bar at the top. When I convert a tif, no blue bar. I have tried several different TIF files.


                Attached you van find the files concerned.

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                  Daniel Wittwer

                  What versions of operating system and Acrobat are you running? Did you try to install the latest service pack for Livecycle?

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                    svenmartin Level 1

                    The server has Windows Server 2003 SP2, Adobe Acrobat 9 pro extended and Adobe LiveCycle ES 8.2.1.