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    Trying to get Flash Builder running in Eclipse 3.4.2


      So I piggy backed on a thread the other day, and that may not have been the best solution.  What I'm running into is trying to get Flash Builder up and running in my existing 3.4.2 version of Eclipse.  When I try to find the view, it's not there.  I then noticed that when I tried to "Find and Install" some new features, I received this error:


      Adobe Flash Builder Core Feature ( requires plug-in "org.apache.commons.lang (2.3.0)", or later version.


      I notice that this file is in the extension folder, and I copied it into my plugin folder, but still no joy.  I've disabled the extension for the moment as I can't install any add ons with it in place.  I'd love to know what I'm doing wrong in the setup?