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    Can't edit a parameter in HTML

    Moonlion2 Level 1
      I'm trying to change "middle" to "top" in code you see below.

      When I make the change and save the topic, RH7 undos the change whenever I switch out of HTML editing mode to Design mode (I presume that's when it happens, since it doesn't happen before my eyes while I'm looking at it and it has changed back when I re-enter HTML editing mode from Design mode).

      My first thought was that a style sheet was overriding my changes. I checked the style sheet that the topic's associated with and I couldn't find a TR specification anywhere, just a TD one, and even that doesn't specify an alignment.

      Why is RH7 not accepting my change?

      And: Assuming that a style sheet is, somehow, overriding the edits I make in HTML mode and I'm overlooking the style somewhere. How do I force RH7 to accept my change no matter what?