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    Date Chooser date enabling issue (Flex3)




      I need to make an application using Flex 3 using a calendar (DateChooser component), this calendar must have only the dates wich have our trainings enabled. These dates would be taken from our database using php and mounting a XML, this XML is parsed into Builder.


      I've tried using a simple array and an array colection, setting the array items into the selectableRanges attribute, but I didn't work in Flex 3. Also, I've tried setting the selectableRanges more than one time through the <mx:Script> tag, but it had only the last item enabled.


      I almost stopped using Flex because I need to deliver the job soon, and it is the onlly thing remaining, but the client asked to have this visual.


      Below is the XML mounted with PHP with data from my db:


      <training year="2009" month="11" day="23">
      <title>Coulogne - Creation, Fashion and Marketing</title>
      <training year="2009" month="11" day="24">
      <title>Ilumination - Architecture and Design</title>
      <training year="2009" month="11" day="25">
      <title>Image Treatment on Fashion Marketing</title>


      Thank you all in advance!