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    ANN: Camsee.com for Flex users developers and mentors

    Level 7

      I would like to introduce you all to Camsee.com http://www.camsee.com

      Many of the people who visit newsgroup's regularly are well-versed in
      certain areas of website development or other areas of IT. Camsee believes
      other developers would be interested in knowing "who does what" , what
      specific areas of development they like to focus on best (Specialisation)
      and if they are willing to sell their skills by the hour. Camsee.com lets
      its members add up to 12 skills, hourly rate per skill and their
      availability to their profile. That profile can be linked to via an email
      signature showing others your skills, availability and hourly rate 24 hours
      a day 7 days a week. This can lead to many more opportunities more tailored
      to suit your skills.

      Camsee.com's aim is to give others instant access to a wider talent pool be
      it for outsourcing work or to offer mentoring.

      It's free to add your profile, up to 12 skills and availability which are
      updateable by you 24/7 at Camsee.com, and we do not charge an agency fee.

      Here is a sample users profile, this user has added six skills to their


      Note in the profile above the user states that they use either LogMeIn or
      Unyte for their Camsee Sessions. A Camsee Session can take place using any
      one of a number of products or services which allow you to fully interact
      with one computer desktop from another computer desktop anywhere on the
      Internet. Camsee sessions can be used for mentor training or to add a
      visual element to any instant message, chat or voice call.

      We have added Adobe Flex as one of the skills listed at Camsee.com, This
      means users can navigate directly to a members profile who has added Adobe
      Flex as a skill and see their skill level, availability, and hourly rate be
      it for out sourcement of work to mentor training. It is also possible to add
      what ever scripting languages you feel confident with to your profile.

      http://www.camsee.com/master.asp?see=142&Server_product=flex (The site is
      just launched thus no one has added Flex as a skill as yet.)

      It is free to add your profile to Camsee.com, We believe some people out
      there would like to be able to either out source their Adobe Flex work
      sometimes or pay for mentor help, but don't know where to go for those
      services, Camsee.com is giving you all the opportunity to add your skills ,
      availability and hourly rate per skill.



      Kenny Darcy
      Skype ID: Camsee_help