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    Studdering... buffer slower than movie


      I have employed two different methods to embed an flv movie in webpage, but both result in studdering because the movie catches up to the buffer.   I can't figure out what is wrong... is the frame of 30fps rate too high?  is my method of embedding the files and playback wrong?  Or is it just a function of the viewer's internet speed?    Is there a better technique?   Any feedback and help is greatly appreciated.


      Method 1:

      Dreamweaver > Insert Flash Video

      FLV size:  13,428kb

      Play time: 2:31





      Method 2:

      Import video into Action Script 3.0 file (set frame rate of stage to 30fps) and publish swf

      FLV size: 15,124kb

      Play time: 2:31

      URL:  http://waterstoneproductions.com/waters-color-video.htm



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          the relevant info is the bitrate of your video and the download rate of your user.  using those two pieces of info (and making an assumption that the download rate will hold steady), you can determine the amount that needs to be buffered before starting play and still prevent stuttering.

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            dannam Level 1

            Thanks for that clue!


            The bitrate of the flv file is 600 kbps.  Codec used is On2 VP6.


            Assuming the connection speed is 625 kbps or greater,  I'm guessing I should only need 1 second of buffering.  Is that correct?


            I can control the buffer setting in the action script/swf file, but how would I control it if I just use Dreamweaver to insert the flv?


            And which method is the preferred method, given the size of my video?

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              i never use dreamweaver and have never understood why anyone would use it.  it seems so much easier to learn html than to learn to use dreamweaver.  but that's another story.


              if the download rate exceeds the bitrate, you need no buffer.