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    Help with Capturing Drag and Drop Behavior

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      I have been working with the Adobe Technical Communication Suite. I have used Captivate 3 to record 6 videos--the swf files are used in my WebHelp project to demonstrate some of the features of our software product. I will be working on the next software release, and will need to update the videos. The problem I encountered before, and would like to resolve now, is the recording of drag and drop, and window rezing within a Web-based application. I have recorded using the demo mode (I have also experimented with other recording options) to capture how users can adjust the display within our Web-based application, such as resizing panes and dragging and dropping portlets. However, each time, the result is that the captured behavior not consistent with the actual behavior: The timing is off in the recorded video, the dragging portion is not displaying properly, etc.


      I suspected it might be my video driver, but I rechecked the TechNotes and archived articles on this Adobe site, and I have not found anything that points to an issue on my machine. I'm running Windows XP (SP 2), 1.96 GB RAM, running 1440x900 resolution.


      Any tips or ideas about how to get the best recordings for drag and drop and window pane resizing are appreciated!


      Thank you.