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    Advice about snippets and glossary entries

    yenelli Level 1

      Many parameter names defined in my project glossary happen to be reused in API and user documentation, which seems like the perfect opportunity to use the snippet feature.


      Just wondering if anyone can provide advice, warnings, and/or shortcuts for propagating snippets with glossary entries:


      1. will naming conventions help/hamper the migration (can I use the same names in glossary/snippets--and can these be the same names as my params w/out confusion; ie, sourceBaseUri...is a param in the UI documentation and is a gloss term--can I also use it as a snippt name, or will that cause maintenance confusion?)


      2. are there any shortcuts for migrating info "in bulk" to snippets from glossary? (or is click-and-drag from Glossary pod to Snippet pod the sole/best method).


      3.is it possible to flag a snippet as a glossary item or vice versa?

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          yenelli Level 1

          The corollary to this is: Is it possible to format a glossary term to display in a fully expanded' form (i.e., the definitions of input params need to be visible on the API topic.

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            MergeThis Level 4

            I suspect that you might want to create your glossary in a free-standing topic instead of through the default glossary (in which the content resides in the MyProject.glo file). We use this method, with two styles created as shown in this sample code:


            <p class="GlossaryEntry">30/360 (BMA)</p>
            <p class="GlossaryDescription">The number of accrued days is calculated...</p>

            You could certainly create snippets for each Entry/Description pair, and insert them in this glossary topic as well as in any other topic you choose. Would that work for you?



            Good luck,