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    localconnection & allowDomain

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      Hi. I'm using Director MX 2004 and I have a DCR that is communicating to an Adobe Air app via localconnection. Everything works fine if my allowDomain callback receives "localhost". But when it receives any other domain, even when the callback returns TRUE, it doesn't process the incoming message. I can still SEND messages and I just can't receive them.


      I am running both movies on my computer, but Air apps send "app#myAppId" as the domain unlke SWFs that send "localhost" Does anyone have any insight? I am kind of stumped as to why my received messages aren't being processed when I allow the domain.

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          After having no luck, I found that I can communicate between AIR and an embedded an SWF in my Director movie. So I am just doing that as a go-between to pass commands from my AIR app to my Shockwave Projector.  I hope this helps anyone else who comes across this issue.