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    CS4 - After Effects / Photoshop Crashes in Windows 7 64bit




      I am having bizarre issue on both my workstation at home and a workstation in the office. Photoshop seems to crash when opening files only if After Effects is open in the background. Illustrator also seems to experience random crashes while After Effects is open as well. I can open and work with files in either Photoshop or Illustrator only if I close down After Effects first.


      Work Rig: Boxx: Dual Quadcore Xeon, Quadro FX 4600, 8GB Ram, Windows 7 Professional.

      Home Rig: Dell Studio XPS: i7 920, Radeon 4850, 12B Ram, Windows 7 Professional.


      Ironically, this isn't an issue on my laptop: Dell Studio, Mobile i7 Q720, Mobile Radeon HD 4570, 8GB Ram, Windows 7 Home Premium.


      Also, this error never occured in Vista 64, XP 64, or occurs on any of the Mac Workstations in the office runing 10.5.7-10.5.9.  I never ran into these issues on the Win 7 Betas/RTM either.


      Any one else have these issues or possible solutions? I initially assumed that this was an Open GL thing with my station at home until we upgraded a station at work... and are experiencing similar issues despite having two very different graphics cards. Now, I am not so sure I'm on the right path to a solution or at least an understanding.