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    Rendering for Animation

    lsb4uebay Level 1

      Hi Illustrators


        I have some CAD files that have been converted to '.stp' & '.igs' files.  I would like to take these images and make them more realistic, then use these improved or new images for animation.


           I'm told the new images have to remain as '.stp' or '.igs' files because of the CAD system that it will be used in, which I think is Pro-E.


             Is Abode Illustrator the best software to do this or is there a better one available.  If so, which?


      Also, can Adobe Illustrator open '.stp' or '.igs' files?



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          Ozzwoman9 Level 4

          I've never heard of those type of files so I don't think Illustrator will work open those. I have opened pdf files saved from CAD before though with only font issues. But Illustrator does not do animation. Photoshop can create animated .gif files.


          I have never heard of the file type you say these must remain in...maybe that's an option in other Adobe products (like flash) ??