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    Premiere CS3: How can you encode xml cue point data in the chapter section of a marker for FlashVid?


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      I'm a total newb to this forum, so hello adobe premiere community! I'm perplexed by Adobes documentation on Premiere (and I'm sure I'm not the first ) anyway on the live documents page below:



      http://livedocs.adobe.com/en_US/PremierePro/3.0/help.html?content=WS9390BED7-9466-46ea-A0E A-3240F1AFC36C.html



      it states that:



      “The cue point data in the Chapter field of a sequence marker in Adobe Premiere Pro will be encoded as Flash XML. For the XML protocol required, see Flash Help.”



      Which is great…except this information doesn’t exist seemingly in either the Premiere documentation or Flash either for that matter, but as I’m interested in working with the chapter/marker area in Premiere – should I really be told to go off and search the documentation for another application, probably not!  What would have been useful would have been a code snippet saying you do it like this, but of course, that would make things too easy!



      Basically, I understand that in After FX you can add Flash marker information specifically for interpretation when exporting to Flash Video (i.e. name, type and parameters etc) and it suggests that you can do the same above in Premiere CS3 using some kind of concatenated string in the chapter area…it just doesn’t tell you how anywhere seemingly – WHY ADOBE!


      Currently when I export markers as cue points based on the advice in the page above, anything I put in the chapter section to force Premiere to create a cue point is converted to a string, which becomes the cue point ‘name’.



      This cue point name is then automatically appended to the ‘time’ the marker was inserted at and is always encoded as type ‘navigation’, with no obvious means of adding ‘parameters’ into the equation.



      So (finally) does anyone know if you can insert this information into the chapter area for correct interpretation by flash (i.e. thus allowing you to choose between either 'navigation' or 'event' types, and pass as many 'parameters' as you wish etc) or are you just limited to supplying a name, and it being automatically set to the navigation type with no parameters?


      I’m sorry for this long essay but at least the issue is well defined for you to answer, honestly any help you can provide what so ever would really be most appreciated!



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      PS – I have utterly no knowledge of XML either just in case you were wondering – and my only interest in XML is getting this basic information encoded into the FLV file from Premiere Pro CS3! Please help, pretty please with daisy’s!!!