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    Why is no one giving answers to the following problem?

    bdquilts Level 1

      It seems that there are a few of us who have asked a very similar question and no one is giving us an answer to issues when trying to download a PDF file.

      I get the following message:  "AdobePDFVIEWER cannot find a compatible Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to view this PDF.  Please select one."


      I have both Adobe Reader 7.0.8 and 9.2 installed.  When I open either application window, the applications are greyed out.  I am on a MacbookPro laptop, OSX 10.4.11 and it happens on the G4 desktop computer too.  The browser is the latest Safari.

      I notice others with this same problem are using Windows and/or Firefox. Can we please have some answers to the problem?

      In AUGUST, one person suggested going to the Help File and downloading a missing plugin.  OK.  Did that and get this message:

      "No missing components detected.  Repairs are not needed."


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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The Windows issue probably would have a differnt cause. Mostly you couldn't install two different versions of Reader on Windows but that's fine on a Mac.


          What happens if you control>click on the link to the PDF file and choose "save file as", save it your hard drive and double click it? If double clicking doesn't work what exactly happens? Also try to open Reader first and use File>Open. Does that work?


          If not, can you open the file in Preview?


          Another thing to try would be going to /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ and remove the one that refers to Adobe Acrobat Reader. I believe it's /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/AdobePDFViewer.plugin

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            bdquilts Level 1

            Thank you!  I removed the Adobe Reader 9.2 from my computer.  Put it on a memory stick.  Then made the Adobe Reader 7 the go to reader.  Was able to open the PDF's in either Safari or Firefox.  So now i will reinstall it and remove the other reader and see what happens.  Then I will try your various suggestions, if I have an issue.