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    Adobe Reader 9.1.3 Issues with browser viewing and printing


      I have several users reporting issues after upgrading to Adobe Reader 9.1.3


      Issue #1:  User tries to open a PDF on a bank website using Adobe 9.1.3 but receives an error stating file could not be found.  Adobe 9 was uninstalled and Adobe 6 re-installed.  The file on the bank website was then viewable without issue.


      Issue #2:  Different user successfully opens pdf on a different bank website, but is unable to print while viewing in browser using Adobe 9.1.3.  User had to save file to desktop and reopen locally to print from Adobe 9.1.3.   Uninstalling 9.1.3 and re-installing Adobe 6 allowed them to print from the browser successfully.


      Issue #3:  turning off "View in Browser" causes the error "File cannot be found" when trying to view a PDF on a website.  This appears to be happening on sites external to our network, but not on internal sites.  Turning on "View in Browser" corrects the problem.


      Any assistance that can be provided would be greatly appreciated!