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    dealing with SD 640x480 sources- fields reversed


      I routinely have to edit 640x480 uppper-field first clips from a broadcast monitoring recorder, and output to DVD.  I've been trying some of these clips in the PE demo, and havev't been able to get the fields looking right when I go to DVD. The reverse fields switch on the source clips seems like the place to fix it, but the DVDs look field-reversed either way.  Is there anywhere else to deal with field order?


      I know that the source  clips are valid upper-field first. The same clips end up proper lower field order with my existing workflow. I'm hoping to be able to do this in PE to edit and burn the DVDs in the same application and shorten the workflow.


      Thanks for your time.


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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Until proven otherwise, you cannot change the the Premiere Elements preset for DVD-VIDEO standard or widescreen which includes Fields = Lower Field First.


          Just what is your existing workflow that allows you to produce a DVD-VIDEO with Fields = Upper Field First?? It sounds like you might be exporting to some non DVD-VIDEO format and burning that to a DVD disc.



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            jollymade_88 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply -


            Lower field first is fine for the DVDs. The way I have been doing this is editing my 640x480 upper field .asf's in Roxio, and exporting the result to mpeg-2 720x480. I don't have to specify anything about the field order. Roxio assumes upper field for the 640x480 and reverses it for the 720x480.  It makes a standard lower field mpeg that works fine in DVD Studio Pro.


            Seems like this would be the reason to have a reverse field order button in PE, and it's there.   But I've tried it both ways and the resulting DVDs still have field order problems.  I'm wondering if the size change to 720x480 is complicating the process. 

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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              From your description of your Roxio workflow, I believe this would be the Premiere Elements counterpart:


              I am using Premiere Elements 7 as a model here:


              Premiere Elements 7 project preset (new project dialog) = NTSC DV Standard (there is no 640 x 480 upper field first project preset in Premiere Elements)...these project presets are used as templates for editing your video....ideally the source media properties should be as close as possible to the specs of the preset.

              In Edit workspace, Edit Menu/Preferences/General and there uncheck "Default Scale to Frame Size" and it will not do that. You can scale if you need to via Properties Palette/Motion Panel/Scale property. Since you are heading to 720 x 480, try unchecked and unchecked to see if it impacts the final result.


              Export via Share/Personal Computer/MPEG with the preset = MPEG2 Compatible. Under the Advance Button there:

              a. change the frame size to 720 x 480

              b. Field Order: from the choices of None (Progressive), Lower, Upper, select Upper.


              On export you will have saved a file with a file extension = .mpg which can be burned to a DVD disc with the software that came with your computer (not from within Premiere Elements). But this is going to be a MPEG2 video burned to a DVD disc, not in DVD-VIDEO format for the TV/DVD player. To get that MPEG2 to DVD-VIDEO, you would have to use a DVD authoring program. This is not the same as Premiere Elements' burn to folder option in Share/Disc/Disc where you export/save to a folder which contains the VIDEO_TS folder with all the VOB structural elements for a DVD-VIDEO and then burn that to a DVD disc using a 3rd party burn software's Burn Video Files category.


              Please let me know if we are both in sync and OK with this, especially if your "DVD" = DVD-VIDEO or any file in its format burned to a DVD disc.



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                jollymade_88 Level 1

                I'll try this - I'm wondering if unchecking the "Default scale to frame size" could help.  Thanks for the tip.


                I don't necessarily want to burn outside PE. The reason I checked out the demo was to see if I could edit and burn all within PE, to simplify things, and hopefully have a little more robust editor than the Roxio.


                I'll investigate further and see what I find...


                Thanks again. -pj