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    Frameworks and Flex 3

    Jim Canup

      I am an experienced developer (Action Scripts, Java, CFML and others), but I am new to Flex 3. I am undertaking a medium to large project (a MMORTS game). I am in the design stage and I am looking at several articles about Frameworks for Flex.  However most of them seem to be 2008-2007 and before. Are these Frameworks still relevant for Flex 3, or does Flex 3 even need them. I intend to use a typical MVC architecture with the tiers as loosly coupled as possible. I want the application to be as DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) as possible, and our time to market is relative short (10 months).  I will have 3 developers, 2 artists and one DBA working on the project at the same time from different locations.


      Can anyone provide any advice or insight on this topic?