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    AIR Application Install Location

    silentryan Level 1

      I have an application that has a tomcat backend and an AIR UI. I have a bat file that starts the tomcat server and I would also like that bat file to start the AIR UI so that a user does not have to click two icons to run the application. I want to be able to start the AIR application in the same bat file but to be able to do that I need to know where it is installed. Is it possible to get the install location from the installer? I know it is possible to get the install location when the application is started.


      As a note this was posted in the Flex forum previously.

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          tzeng Adobe Employee

          If you look into the installation log (.airappinstall.log in user's home directory. You do need to create this file before installation),

          you can find the line:

          Destination for Installed application is: XXXXX


          You should be able to get the location.



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