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    Writing Data to Datasource through Flex web services


      I am currently working on a small Flex application to read and write data from a different program (connected to an underlying data source) using web services and a WSDL and all that. I have the read portion functioning fine, however I can find absolutely no resources clearly discussing how to update data and write it back to its source; the only information I can find just shows how to read from a data source.
      Would anybody be able to point me to a good resource that shows how to write data back to a data source, or be able to give me some functioning code to accomplish this?  I realize that writing to different sources might differ in different contexts, but I'd just like to get a feel for how I should be going about doing this.
      (Also, if someone could explain to me how/where the different parameters that a webservice operation takes are listed in a WSDL I would greatly appreciate it).
      I cannot post the code I have tried so far as it is on a different computer that I do not currently have access to.

      I am new to this stuff so any help would be greatly appreciated.