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    animated object losing resolution...please help.


      I have created a vector tree in Adobe illustrator and have imported it After effects, I then proceeded to laying out three of the images in after effects then offsetting two of the objects by a pixel all in 6 frames, and when looped it has an animated feel to the vector.


      The 3 images are constantly looping all in 6 frames. I then pre-composed that sequence and have created a 5 min sequence of this still tree that looks animated.


      The problem that I am having is that, I would like to zoom in and out of this still animated tree but when I zoom in, it loses resolution.


      I am thinking I am not able to do this by pre-composing, are there any solutions to this?


      I posted the video here and this is the video I would like to zoom in and out of, but how do I make it so that it does not lose resolution?