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    Manual install of ACR 5.6?


      Installed the 5.6 beta yesterday and ran into a number of issues.  Tried to revert to an earlier version (ACR 5.5) via a manual install and this seems to work properly.  I would now like to try to reinstall 5.6, however, the installer will not let me do so -- it thinks I still have 5.6 installed.  Is there a way to get past this or at least to do a manual install of 5.6?  Can someone provide a link to the 8bi files?  I am a 7D owner and REALLY need this support.

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          I have a mac but in another post these instructions were posted


          Re: Can ACR 5.6 be installed for LR or Elements on OS X

          To accomplish a manual install on Windows you can copy and rename the file:




          Which appears to be about the right size (11MB) for Camera RAW.8bi (32-bit).


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            jerrymbraun Level 1

            That did the trick.  Thanks so much.

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              Can you be more specific on this, please?  Is this the file that I'm looking for, or what I rename it to?


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                jerrymbraun Level 1

                Just follow graydl's specific advice and poke thru the directories of the download file.  You will find that specific numerical file -- that's the one you want.  Copy it and rename it to "Camera Raw.8bi" and you're good to go.  Works like a charm.

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                  Nikkiarrrrrrrgh Level 1

                  Thanks, I'll try that.

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                    Nikkiarrrrrrrgh Level 1

                    Ok, I found the file and renamed it, now tell me what to do with it (what I tried didn't work - I was following the manual install instructions for ACR 5.5 - removed the old plugin from "file formats" in the "plugins" folder, and drug the newly renamed folder into it's place).  I didn't figure that would work but don't know what else to try.  This is way over my head, thanks for your help.

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                      jerrymbraun Level 1

                      If you've traced thru the directories in the download and found the specific file (it's a file, not a folder), rename it as I specified, and place it into that folder in place of the 8bi file that's already there, then I'm not sure what else I can do to help you.  The file should end up being renamed to the same name as the file that's already there: "Camera Raw.8bi", I believe.  BTW, there are two folders to choose from.  One is for the 64-bit version of Photoshop, the other is for the 32-bit version.  With the 32-bit version, you will find that set of directories in the "Program Files (x86)" directory.  The 64-bit version is in the "Program Files" directory.  The subdirectories should be the same.  You have to be really careful to rename and place the 32-bit version of that file into the 32-bit (...x86) directory, and the 64-bit version renamed into the 64-bit directory.  If I recall, the directories from which you are copying these files are clearly marked as 32-bit and 64-bit versions, but I can't remember the exact names.


                      I know this sounds really convoluted, and frankly, it is.  I'm pretty amazed that Adobe built such an inflexible update mechanism that has no provisions for backing out an upgrade. This is WAY more trouble than anyone should have to go thru, even for a beta version.  Best of luck.

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                        Nikkiarrrrrrrgh Level 1

                        Thank you.  I misspoke and said "folder" instead of "file".  I did find the correct file and re-named it, and it changed into the plugin icon, so I'm pretty sure I did that correctly (I c/p the new name from here, without the quotes of course).  I did follow the program files x86 path, into adobe/photoshop elements 8.0/Plug-Ins/ and here is where I have a problem.  It looks to me like there is a camera raw file in the "filters" folder and also in the "file formats" folder.  The manual installation instructions for ACR 5.5 on Adobe's site say to put the file into the "file formats" folder, after first removing the old file.  I've actually tried putting it in both places, and still no luck.


                        Thank you for telling me that this is complicated - I'm way out of my league here and feeling quite inept.

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                          jerrymbraun Level 1

                          Wish I could help more, but I think I've gone as far as I can.  You may need to contact Adobe support at this point in time.  I feel your frustration... they don't make it easy.  Best of luck and hope you get it all sorted out.  Turns out that 5.6 is actually working well for me now... very happy with the results.

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                            Nikkiarrrrrrrgh Level 1

                            Thank you so much for your help!  I will try calling Adobe again - last week they told me that they didn't yet have any products

                            that would support the 7D, they didn't even mention ACR 5.6 being availabe at adobe labs.  I'll try again.  I really appreciate your trying to help me.

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                              ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              If you're still seeing ACR 5.5 after removing and replacing it with ACR 5.6 RC 1033 file, then:


                              1)  the file you're replacing it with is still ACR 5.5, or

                              2)  "removing it" isn't sufficient to disable the previous version, or

                              3)  the real ACR 5.5 used by PSE is somewhere else in your hard drive


                              Each of these situations can be worked through.


                              1)  The date of the 1033 file should be Nov 12, 2009 +/- a day depending on your timezone, so perhaps you're getting the 1033 from the ACR 5.5 installer files.


                              2)  Removing the old one should at least including renaming it to something without an .8bi extension.  I would suggest Camera RAW_8bi.55.


                              3)  Search your entire hard-drive for camera raw.8bi and make sure you've found all of them and replaced all of them with the ACR 5.6 RC 1033 file and named them as Camera RAW.8bi.


                              Also be sure you've shutdown before doing these things and then start it up afterwards.

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                                Nikkiarrrrrrrgh Level 1

                                That did it.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU (sorry for yelling, but I really mean it, lol).