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    Help with large data.




      I have around 1500 values I would like to put into a combobox so my user can just select one value from the list. Currently I am allowing the user to enter the value into a textbox and have found that most of them get it wrong. So I need to change it to a combobox.


      Also the combobox will be inside a cell in a table row.

      The user also has the option of adding a new row to the table which will then duplicate the combobox from the previous row.


      Question 1: Does this mean that every combobox will hold all the data and that I could end-up with a huge file?

      Question 2: Is there another way of doing this to insure that the pdf will not grow out of control?


      PS: I cannot link it to a database as the user must be able to do this offline. So the data for the combobox must be part of the form.



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          pguerett Level 6

          Putting 1500 entries in a combo box is never a good idea. You are correct about the size. Each time the combo box is repeated you will have all of those choices repeated as well. The other factor is that cycling through 1500 entries for the user is going to be tedious as well (Although they can hit the 1st letter and the selection will move to that area). Is there some way that you can deign it so that you have a single DDList and after they select from that list a TextField holds that selection for the row of the Table? You woudl end up with a single DDList that woudl be associated to multiple TextFields (one/row).



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            PetPel Level 1


            Good idea. Is there any way I can have some sort of small popup window which will show all the data. Then when the user selects one, the popup closes and the value is automatically in the textbox? Any standard object for this?

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              pguerett Level 6

              Yes ...you woudl have to add script to the exit event of the DDList to populate the TextField....but I do not see how this is better. The user woud still have to navigate through the DDList (and the selection will be displayed in the DDList anyways) so what is the point of putting the value in the TextBox?