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    How can i use magic wand tool




      How can i select a different color (solid) by using magic wand tool.

      I tried click on the tool and on the color. but, it doen't work.

      I using mac and file type is jpg and targa


      Thank you very much.



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          Scott Falkner Level 5

          Wrong program. If you want to select pixels in an image you need a raster image editor, like Photoshop. Illustrator is a vector graphic editor. It works with drawn shapes. The magic wand tool selects objects that match certain criteria in the clicked object, like fill colour or stroke weight.

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            apresslink@gmail.com Level 1

            thank you very much.


            Are there any way that i can select a certain solid color to edit or pant in illustrator?





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              Scott Falkner Level 5

              Not with a raster image, like a .jpg. You need to be more aware of the huge differences between a raster image and raster editor, and vecor graphics and a vector editor. Selecting stuff is one of the biggest difference.


              In Illustrator, you work with objects, like stacks of paper on a table. You can select individual objects anywhere on the page and on any or all layers, then transform, move, delete, fill stroke, or an infinite number of things to those objects.


              In Photoshop, when you select, you are really just creating a mask, which you can then use to restrict editing to pixels within that mask on the current layer. It's like working on a photo of a stack of paper on a  table. You can't easily move the pieces of paper around.


              It's difficult to explain in a short posting, and that's all I'm going to write tonight. If you intend to spend any time with Photoshop or Illustrator you should invest in some documentation, and I don't mean Adobe's completely insufficient on-line documentation. The Visual Quickstart series comes well recommended and scales easily to intermediate once you know your way around.

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                I realize this is an old post but I have the same need that the first person posted. Basically I need vector out a raster image for use on a vinyl cutter / plotter. There used to be a product called Adobe Streamline that used to be able to create a vector file based on the selection of color on the raster image. I know the product has been discontinued but I would imagine a product like Illustrator should be able to handle a simple task like that.

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                  Scott Falkner Level 5

                  That program is called “Adobe Illustrator”.


                  Look up Live Trace.