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    Corrupted .pst files due to mistakenly trying to open them with Adobe Reader

    S Giraffe

      This is a second post re the same problem, as I previously got only one response (from B. Alheit), which asked me to identify my operating system. I am beyond desperate to get this problem fixed.


      As described previously (S Giraffe - 11/14), I was about to apply an email recovery program to some .pst files when, somehow (late at night/tired), I inadvertently clicked "Open with Adobe Reader." Then the disaster! The Adobe Reader logo appeared on the .pst file's icon - and also on every other .pst file in my Documents folder. When I tried to open them I got the following error message:


      "Adobe Reader could not open 'Outlook (_).pst' because it is either not a supported file type or because the file has been damaged."


      I went back to my exernal hard drive to again decompress the original backup files, but these, too, all had the Adobe Reader logo on their icons and brought the same error message. How could trying to open ONE .pst file with Adobe Reader have affected every other .pst file on my C drive and in my external hard drive???


      I need to recover my emails and contacts! Can anyone tell me anything that would enable me to correct whatever Adobe Reader did to my .pst files and get them back to their former state. I would be immensely appreciative.