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    Making a button generate text


      I'm trying to make a "weapons generator" for the game Crysis without the need of coding. to do this I'm using component buttons/textboxes/numericalsteppers. Does anyone know how to make it so when you press a button or change the number in a numericalstepper or enter something in a textbox to make it paste corrisponding text in a textbos to the left?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Not without using coding.  You'll need to look into each component class (in the Flash help documents) that you plan to use to see what options there are for detecting interaction and implement the code needed for those interactions to have that code result in taking some action to paste some text in a textbox.  In general components will either have a click event or a change event that you need to listen for.  When such an event takes place, your event handling code will be where you include code to write to that textbox.


          If you look up the events for the objects you plan to use, there should be example code in the documentation that will show you how to implement them.