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    Importing word documents -  data fields



      When trying to import a word document with bookmarks and datafields the bookmarks came correctly but the data fields did not.


      the data fields were created in the word document using an executable file where the fileds in the excel sheet were picked up and filled to the word document. (the descriptions in the relevent fields table in the attached document) when they are imported to robohelp the bookmarks are missing. let me know how i should correct it.

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          I'm not surprised about the data fields. That data isn't actually in the Word document, only a reference, so there isn't anything to import to RH. This can't be fixed from RoboHelp; the answer (if there is one) lies in Word, or possibly the executable that gets the data from Excel.


          If you find an answer, please post it - I am having a similar Word problem. I am trying to convert cross-references to regular text - a little bit like "Paste Special > Values" converts formulas to their resulting values in Excel.

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