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    .GIF playing slower even after changing "Delay" settings..


      Hey guys,


      So I rendered out a sequence of 10 files in a 3D software, brought them into Fireworks and created .gif. It worked fine, played smoothly.


      Then I added layout elements, text, etc from Photoshop. Then I rendered it again.. and every time I do it plays slow, like the delay setting is enabled.. but it's at 0. I played it in both a browser and Windows Picture Viewer - same result. I tried turning it to the default 7 delay, to 1, etc. Every time it's the same result.


      The preview before it renders plays smoothly too! I just don't understand...


      I updated to the latest service release of Fireworks.


      Anyone know what's going on? I'd appreciate any help.



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          Michel Bozgounov Level 2

          Can you post here the Fireworks PNG file, because I presume, if you try to create an animation in Fireworks, you work inside an editable Fireworks .png file?


          After we see the PNG, we'll be able to help, maybe!


          Creating Fireworks simple GIF animations is easy, in general. Default is, indeed, "7", when you specify how long each State will play, which means 7/100 of a second. You should not lower this to a number less than 7, from my experience.


          I have myself created quite a few GIF animations in the past (AJAX preloder GIFs, mostly), and Fireworks has always worked fine for me!