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    Stop-Motion Video

    Itay B. Level 1

      I'm learning how to use Premiere Elements 8 from Adobe's official Help document.


      I'm currently working through Chapter 4, "Capturing video", section "Capture stop-motion and time-lapse video" -> "Capture stop-motion video".


      The Help document instructs so: "In the Capture panel, select Stop Motion."

      Unfortunately there's no "Stop Motion" item on the Capture panel (see attached screenshot).


      My video camera is Samsung SMX-C10.


      1. Is my video camera suitable for capturing stop-motion video?

      If so, what steps should i take to capture stop-motion with my camera?

      If not, what cameras/camera-types are able to capture stop-motion?


      2. Is it possible to edit a stop-motion video offline, i.e. first film all the required footage without the camera being connected to the computer, and then edit the shot clips?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          In PrE 4, the Stop Motion button is at the top of the Capture screen. I would guess that if you click on the Advanced button, you will be presented with that option and its parameters. Remember, this is a guess from someone, who only has PrE 4.


          Hope that's where it is, and good luck,



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            Itay B. Level 1

            Thank you.

            Unfortunately, this is not the case (see attached screenshot).

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              I just checked the PrE 8 online Help, and the reference is to the Capture Panel, and choose Stop Motion. There was no detail as to where on the Capture Panel it's located, i.e. under a drop-down, or via some special button.


              I can understand why you are having difficulty finding it, based on your screen-cap.


              Bet that Steve, or ATR know exactly where it's located.


              Sorry that I do not have PrE 8 to go searching for you - good luck,



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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                I also wonder if with a camera attached (this was the first step in the Help file), the dialog screen changes and the Stop Motion option is then available?


                Good luck,



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                  Itay B. Level 1

                  The camera is attached, but maybe not as it should be for the purposes of stop-motion.

                  It is attached the way i attach it when i wish to copy movies to my hard disc (e.g. when i use PE's Get Media utility to import directly from the camera to the Organizer).

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9



                    I am afraid, that I too, am lost. I read the same, or very similar, Help file as you. From it, I would have expected to see the Stop Motion settings button, like in my PrE 4. There has got to be something that will trigger it, whether it's via a drop-down, or similar. Right now, it's hidden, and I have no clue as to why.


                    I think that we'll both learn something, when one of the PrE 8 "experts" weighs-in. Wish that I could help more, but I've poured over your screen-cap, trying to find anything that might possibly trigger access to Stop Motion and can't find, or think of it.


                    Sorry, but hey, we'll both learn something and the day is still young!



                    Good luck, and I'll be following your thread,



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                      Itay B. Level 1

                      Actually, the day is drawing to a close in my part of the world, but whatever...

                      Thanks for your helpfulness.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9
                        Actually, the day is drawing to a close in my part of the world, but whatever...


                        Well, maybe when you wake up, the answer (for both of us) will be sitting, waiting here. It will be like a child waking up on Christmas morning!


                        I'll be watching, 'cause someone will know and will help both of us.


                        Have a good night!



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                          i_dream_of_jeannie Level 1

                          Hi Itay,


                          The attached screenshot is the Media downloader. It is not the Capture window. It seems that your camera is either a hard disk based camera or uses an SD card. In these cases, you can transfer files through the Media downloader in PRE.


                          For the Capture screen, your camera should be a tape based camera and should be connected to the computer through a fireware cable or you can use it if you have a webcam.


                          So, with your camera, you will not be able to use Stop Motion.


                          Hope it helps!

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                            Itay B. Level 1

                            It does.

                            Thank you, the girl with the light, brown hair...