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    Source Files deteled from the folders


      Hi all,

      I'm new in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, and I really need help to recover a couple of files or at leas try to understand what I did wrong.

      I started a new project  from an exiting project file, to suite my project I cleared from the time line and sequence list the unwanted files and saved as with another name. After this I reopened the original file to check if it was ok but for some mysterious thing a lot of files were missing there and all deleted from the source folders. My question is, is it possible when you clear files from the timeline and sequence list that they are automatically deleted from the source folders?



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          Powered by Design Level 4

          im just taking a guess here.


          but I know that I have Premiere to do automatic saves.


          did you by any means open the old project and start deleting then save in the end to a new project.


          if you did maybe the autosave kicked in and saved the project without you knowing.


          you could try looking in your backup saved folder to see if a good project is there.


          look in that folder.



          Hope this helps:  Glenn

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            Phil Griffith Level 2

            Are you sure the original files are deleted? Did you go to the folder where they were located and look? Perhaps, you just deleted them for your project

            , but they are still on your drive. If they are indeed deleted from your hard drive, then going back to a autosave of your project won't help.

            If you just deleted from your projec, then you have two options, reimport them back

            in, or like the previous post said, go back to your last autosave file and  start that.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Welcome to the forum.


              The "files" in your Project (Project Panel) are not really in the program. They reside safely on your HDD, and are only linked to via XML text in the Project's .PRPROJ file. All one does is delete those links to those files. The original files are not touched. Even when edited in PrPro, the original files are untouched. All one has done is recorded instructions, attached to those links. It tells PrPro what you want done, when you Export your Sequence. That is where the changes will be made.


              Now, search your system for those files. They should be there, unless you also deleted them with, say Windows Explorer.


              This ARTICLE goes into a bit more detail on what the Project file really is, and also discusses some aspects of Save. It references both PrPro and PrE, as these two programs perform in the same manner in this respect.


              In general, your workflow is a common one. I often create a "template" Project and then Import different Assets, and work away. When I need to swap out Assets, say for the next phase, I'll clean out the Project Panel, and do a Save_As with a new name, or located in a different folder, then Import the new Assets.


              Your original Asset files should be safe, unless some operation was performed outside of PrPro.


              Good luck,