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    Cap 4 - Pre-load screen spammed by custom skin

    Eoin Mc



      Using Cap4 on Vista.


      Made some recordings and created a custom template for publishing. The template uses the Allumnium playbar. I created a grey box (of the same shade as the playbar) with the authors name and date of the same height of the playbar so it looks seamless.


      I've named this template "template1" and is applied to all published movies. It displays fine once the movie is loaded.


      The issue is when the movie is loading. For the first few seconds while it is loading, this custom grey box is spammed all the way up the movie page. It engulfs the entire page until the movie is loaded completely and then displays correctly.


      I tried to add a loading progress bar but this just puts it in over the custom skin. I was hoping ideally for a plain white screen until the movie is loaded (it should take 5 seconds MAX to load these movies as they will be viewed over a LAN).


      Does anyone have any ideas or tips?


      Thanks for your help,