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    Creating a single vector shape


      Hey everyone.


      I've used the line and arc tools to copy the outline of a curvy shape. I have lots of paths. How can i turn all of them in to one vector shape? I can't for the life of me do it!


      Also, I used circles to make the top and bottom curves and cut bits to remove the stroke lines. Now, when i fill something in there's a big white gap.


      I've attached the .AI file with the pic i traced and then my trace.


      Can anyone help me? I'd ultimately like to be able to fill the whole thing in and do what i want with a gradient.



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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          If you get rid of the masks, you may select each pair of end Anchor Points with the Direct Selection Tool and Ctrl/Cmd+J to join them.


          James has a script to do it all at once, but it may require even more cleanup. http://www.illustrationetc.com/AI_Javascripts/PathScripts.htm

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            farmerjeffe Level 1

            I don't quite understand =/ I don't know what the masks are and when I used the direct selection to join them - they made extra lines that i didn't want.


            All i need is for it to be one simple shape, instead of lots of paths cause of all the different lines I used.

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              John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Ungroup the paths, and leave them all selected. Choose the Live Paint Bucket and click inside the shape to make it a Live Paint Group. With it still selected, click the Expand button in the Options Bar.

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                Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                If you look at the Layers palette/panel, and click the arrow pointing at layer 1, you will se what is in it.


                If you click the circles to the right, you select the different parts; now:


                1) Ungroup all Groups (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+G;

                2) Delete all Clipping Masks.


                Then you will be left with the simple paths you presumably started with.


                If you View>Smart Guides, you can see what you are working on with the mouse.


                3) Now you may DirectSelect the end Anchor Points where the paths meet by ClickDragging over them (you can tell by mouseover where the paths are, and meet), and finally join them by Ctrl/Cmd+J.


                Step 3) is also a way to join the paths while creating them.


                If you have (one of) the latest version(s), you may do as John said instead; but step 3) may be good to know in any case.