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    Topic import problem



      I have a problem with the topics generated through Robohelp. I am confused as to Why certain topics just dont get generated as per their level or heading. I have created document separating the topics based on Heading 1 and 2. I observed after importing the document that at a particular topic or rather froma  particular topic the formatting goes awry. That is the heading just doesnt get recognised, it merges into the previous topic all as one whole topic from then onwards. I have tried formatting the document a number of times. But when I generate the failed topics in separate document just to check if anything is worng with the document, it seems to work fine. All are generated separately. I have tried shifting the position of those topics with the Main document but of no use. I noticed after importing that I have a topic in the broken link folder. Thats the topic exactly from where the topics dont get separated out. Is there where the problem is.

      I have set the css correctly, since other parts of the topics are getting reflected correctly. I am not sure how to fix the broken link and if fixing it would help me at all. Please help me out, I have checked changing every possible setting over a hundred times, but of no use.
      I am using robohelp 7 tool.

      Thanks for your inputs..